Swiss-Finnish blood with a summer soul

My heart beats for creative writing and photography. One goes without the other but together they are the perfect expression of my creativity. I want my texts to convey the feelings that have contributed to the creation of a picture.


The main focus of my photographs are people, water and landscape.


I transform events that happen during my travels into short stories; funny, adventurous, emotional. And always a little crazy.


I follow the inner call for balance between my country of birth, Switzerland, and the need for distance with the two extremes of heat and cold. And so I keep going to discover our beautiful planet, find waves in bathtub warm water or awaken new creativity in the silence of the woods in Lapland.


My roots are in Switzerland and Finland, but I can feel at home anywhere in the world. I'm in love with the tropics, where the sun is hot, the water is warm and thick clothing is as overdressed as shoes.


A wise person once said, live your craziness! Luckily, that wise person is my mother.