elina mononen - random encounter with inspiration

Photo & Text

Photography, poetry, short stories.

Inspired by random encounters, emotions, colours, smells.


Vernissage 2019 - Zurich-Affoltern, CH

Flyer Vernissage

"To all art lovers


Just in time for the first weekend in Advent, a collective exhibition of our Swiss-Finnish family will take place for the very first time.


It will be shown:


- Resin jewelry

- Pictures (Acrylic/Resin)

- sculptures

- Photography (experimental, realistic, tropical)


We look forward to all visitors to the studio in Zurich Affoltern."


Sirpa, Tuomo, Elina


Publication 2017

Short story Sumatrageschichten - Ur(wald)vertrauen

Part of the anthology  An der Sonne (only in German)

Vidal publishing house, Winterthur